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 Irregular Verbs

In English verbs are categorized in two groups; Regular and Irregular.

The Regular Verbs are the ones that can be converted to Past (Simple Past) or Past Participle just by adding an 'ed'.

Help → Helped.
If verb ends with 'e' just add a 'd' : Dance → Danced
If verb ends with 'y' it is replaced by 'ied' : Cry → Cried

The Irregular Verbs don’t follow any rule (that’s why they are called irregular!) but it is possible to group them in groups of similar verbs to help remembering them easier. The rest of this course will review these groups.

But before we start here are few definitions:

Simple Past: Indicates a situation or action that started and ended before now.

I finished my homework.
He ate his food.

Past Participle: Indicates a situation or action that started in the past but the action or its effect still continues at the present time.

She has painted her room.
I have seen this movie.